Favorites part 1

With the holidays coming, I’m sure many of you are afraid that the lack of time will lead to skipping workouts…

Actually, you should workout more to relieve some of the stress associated with that time of year! (easier said than done…)

Anyway, let’s say you really have only 5 minutes today and you want to choose one exercise and do it until failure (until you can’t do no more).

I would choose the Push-up, no doubt about it. This exercise is one of the most efficient of all bodyweight exercises.

The classic push-up is often too hard for most women and some men (who usually think they are doing it right but in fact they are not…).  We are told, most of the time, to do it on our knees.  Not the best option… To really build upper body strength without sacrificing your core and plank position, you should start with Wall Push-ups.

The idea is to contract every muscle in your body so that you’re solid like a rock. You bend your elbows outward and also not straight on your side but towards your feet a little. Keep your head straight and bring your chest toward the wall. Your head, your shoulders, your hips and feet should stay in a straight line all the time. Start with slow and controlled repetitions and do as many as you can. Take a break and do it again! And again until your 5 minute is up and have to go.

When it becomes too easy, you can start lowering your base of support. So, instead of using a wall, you can use a stool or a chair and keep the same technique. Lower the base until you reach the floor. Then, you can elevate your feet to make it more difficult or put one leg up and use a basketball under your hands, etc. The possibilities are endless!

And don’t forget, nobody is watching you. So, do not hesitate to pick an easier version and work on your form 😉

What is your favorite exercise?!

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