Je tente depuis quelques mois d’intégrer des séances de yoga hebdomaires dans mon horaire d’entraînement. Je connais l’importance du yoga pour la santé physique et mentale et j’en ressens les bienfaits après une séance. Le yoga est un magnifique complément à la course à pied et je me suis bien fait dire de m’y mettre par mes coachs, mon oséopathe et même par Runner’s World…Ça permet d’éviter les blessures, de renforcir les muscles du tronc, de travailler la flexibilité  et de rester zen!

Je me suis fait une petite séance hier soir. C’était agréable, mais je n’arrive pas à trouver une sorte de yoga que j’aime VRAIMENT! J’ai le Power Yoga de MTV, un DVD de la série Gaiam et la série Absolument yoga de Sylvie Tremblay.

J’aime l’aspect rapide et énergique du Power Yoga, mais je n’aime pas le fait que ce soit une longue séquence de 1h15. J’aime les 5 petites séquences de 20 minutes du Gaiam, mais c’est un peu ennuyant. J’aime le côté informatif de la série Absolument Yoga, mais il manque de yoga! ahah

Si vous avez des suggestions, aidez-moi!


I have been trying for a few months to fit yoga sessions in my training schedule.  I know and understand the importance of yoga for physical and mental health and I do feel the benefits after a session. Yoga is a perfect complement to running and I was told over and over again by coaches, osteopaths and even  Runner’s World to get to it…It prevents injuries, strengthens the core muscles, stretches and keeps you zen!

I did a short session yesterday evening. I enjoyed it, but I can’t seem to find a kind of yoga that I REALLY love! I have the MTV Power Yoga DVD, one of the Gaiam series DVD and the Absolument Yoga series by Sylvie Tremblay.

I like the fast paced movements and energy of the Power Yoga, but I don’t like the fact that it’s one sequence of 1h15. I like the 5 short 20 minutes sequences of Gaiam, but it’s a little boring. I like the more informative aspect of  the Absolument Yoga series, but there is not enough yoga! ahah

So, suggestions anybody? Help me!

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  1. I’ve had probably a half dozen thogurh the years, and honestly, after a washing or two I couldn’t tell you the differences between them .and most of them gave me a few hundred hours of time. I will say this though the natural jute and rubber ones have a real peculiar smell that took about 6 months to fade and it crumbled .and got everywhere. Which was really a shame because I was hoping to have one that was environrmentally freindly. For hatha yoga you really don’t need to worry about being picky you don’t need features like absorbency like you would if you were practicing vinyasa or ashtanga, same with extra sticky, etc. And I found that thicker ones while sounding like a good idea because I’m scrawny and hate sitting on my hip bones, actually made it more difficult to balance on one foot, and squished more, making my hands and feet less stable.As far as brands, I really don’t have any preference Find on that appeals to you and take a look on Ebay because they are usually priced very well there.

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