About me

I am a French girl who grew up in a suburb of Montreal and physical activity has always been part of my lifestyle.

Growing up, I tried a ton of different sports like swimming, synchronized swimming, baseball, gymnastic, volleyball, but I fell in love with ballet at 5 years old and continued practicing for 15 years. As I was getting older, the physical and psychological difficulties linked with this sport caught up with me and I had to stop dancing. I didn’t love it as much as I used too anymore… 😦

I moved on and continued my studies in Business Administration with a major in tourism. I love to travel, but I also love Montreal very much and enjoyed helping tourists discover its hidden treasures. This led to a 8 to 5 job sitting at a desk all day long…I needed to get moving and this is when I became a running addict!

I ran my first half-marathon in 2010, a few months after my running debut, and that led to injuries! I was devastated and wanted to get back to running as fast as possible but my body didn’t want to.

So, I decided to get a trainer specialized in that discipline to help me. I started serious weight training to strenghthen my muscles. And I fell in love with it! Weight training makes you feel powerful and strong! Since then, I have completed the San Francisco Marathon!

During the last few years, I have tried a ton of different types of training and I have read about new workouts, new moves and new ways to sweat! There are so many options that everybody can find something they like and stick with it to ensure a long and healthy life.

Now, I can say that fitness is my life and that my goal is to pass on this passion to others. I love it so much that I’ve decided to make it a career!

This blog is all about workouts and nutrition tips from what I know, what I learn and what I love! Enjoy 🙂

Camille Lauzon

canfitpro PTS certified, CPR/AED, SCI fitness and nutrition consultant

Coach Cam — Orange Theory Fitness Rosemère

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