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Bon ça y est, c’est l’été!

Qui dit été, dit plein air et dit chaleur. Il est primordial de bien s’hydrater pour éviter les coups de chaleur et les malaises. Il est important de s’assurer que vos niveaux d’eau et de sel soient adéquats en tout temps, que vous participiez à des sports d’équipe, à de la course à pied ou des bootcamp par Montreal Fitness au parc 😉

L’eau est bien sûr un excellent choix, mais vous pourriez manquer d’électrolytes. Ceux-ci sont présents dans notre sueur et assurent le bon fonctionnement de notre organisme. Il existe des boissons désaltérantes tel que le Gatorade. Par contre, ces boissons sont généralement très sucrées et ne conviennent pas à tout le monde.

Une boisson naturelle existe et elle est la boisson parfaite pour l’hydratation et le contrôle des électrolytes, l’eau de coco. C’est une option 100% naturelle, qui contient les électrolytes suivants: du sodium, du magnésium, du calcium et du potassium. Faites attention aux eaux de coco sucrées par contre.

Vous connaissez l’eau de coco Zico? C’est une eau naturelle non faite de concentrée, sans sucre ou gras ajoutés. Zico offre des formats pratiques en bouteilles ou cartons recyclés, de 414ml, 330ml ou 1 litre. L’eau de coco Zico originale est excellente, mais si vos papilles n’en raffolent pas, de nouvelles saveurs sont disponibles, chocolat et café au lait!

Donc, si vous voulez prévenir les crampes musculaires, favoriser la récupération suite à l’entraînement ou tout simplement vous désaltérer, l’eau de coco de première qualité Zico est un excellent choix seul ou dans un smoothie! En plus, en tant que coureur, j’adore que l’ultramarathonien Dean Karnazes soit un des ambassadeurs Zico 😉

Avez-vous déjà essayé l’eau de coco?


*Zico m’a fait parvenir les produits mais je n’ai été compensé d’aucune manière. Les opinions présentées sont les miennes

**************************************Zico coconut water

Finally, summer is here!

When we think of summer, we think outdoors and heat. It is very important to stay well hydrated to avoid heatstroke or discomforts. You have to make sure your water and salt levels are adequate at all times when you practice outdoor activities like team sports, running or bootcamp in the park by Montreal Fitness 😉

Water is an excellent choice, but you could be missing out ont important minerals like electrolytes. They are present in our sweat and ensure the proper functioning of our body. Many refreshing drinks exists, for example Gatorade. But, these drinks are usually very sweet and are not suitable for everyone.

A natural option exists and it is the perfect choice for hydration and for control of you electrolytes level, coconut water. It is 100% natural and it contains the following electrolytes: sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium. Be aware of sweetened coconut waters though…

Do you know Zico coconut water? It is a natural water, no sugar or fat added. Zico offers practical sizes in recycled materials, 414ml, 330ml or 1 litre. Zico coconut water original is very good, but in case your taste buds are not crazy about it, you can now choose between 2 new flavours, chocolate and coffee!

So, if you want to prevent cramping, promote recovery after training or just enjoy a nice drink, premium hydrating Zico coconut water is an excellent choice straight up or in your smoothie! Plus, as a runner, I love that ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes is part of the Zico team 😉

Have you ever tried coconut water before?

*Zico sent me the products but I was not compensated in anyway. All opinions are my own.

Exercise alone, with a small group, with family, …..

Exercise is not only about lifting weights and jogging.  Exercise can be (and have to be) incorporated in day-to-day activities.  To ensure a healthy lifestyle, all different aspects must be taken care of.  Whether it’s physically, spiritually, socially, etc.

Outdoor activities and sports are a great way to get a good workout while enjoying some quality time with family, friends or just yourself.

I mean, look at the view!

Who wouldn’t want to workout a little to enjoy this 🙂

The hike up the mountain and the burning sensation in my butt were totally worth it.  Plus, I got to spend time with a loved one and release stress (seriously needed that…).

Hope you all had a great long weekend 🙂

What activities do you prefer? Soccer, hiking, badminton. etc?

Fall for Montreal

Ah Montreal! I love everything about it 🙂 I love the feeling and the atmosphere. I have to thank Mont-Royal for that. Since no building can be taller than the top of the mountain, I think it keeps the small town feeling. And because there aren’t any skyscrapers, the sky is never hidden. I love to just walk in the streets and enjoy the different parts of the city, from the Old Montreal to the Plateau and from Lachine Canal to Outremont.

Montreal is perfect, but there is always something that bothers people from Quebec…the snow…the rain…the hot and humid air…except…in the fall! It’s the perfect time of year to take your workout outside.

Mont-Royal is the perfect place to do some hill sprints.  Hill Sprints are a great way to change body composition and to challenge the body in a safer way. It’s a fun functional training, it works your glutes, hamstrings and the posterior leg chain and you’ll feel like Rocky Balboa when you reach the top! I’ll get more into that in another post.

Parks are also a nice place to go for a jog and incorporate some strength training by using the benches (bench push-ups, triceps dips, step-ups). Also, on your rest and recovery days, a 3 mph walk in the park or downtown will stimulate your muscles and increase your blood circulation. You’ll also get some Vitamin D from your outdoor exercise and a little tan maybe!